About the Space

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional ancestral lands of the Adena and Hopewell cultures, who were later joined by refugees of other tribes (including the DelawareShawnee, and Haudenosaunee). We recognize and honor them while we’re present in this space. 

The Pitt Global Hub

Please check the University of Pittsburgh's COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines for the most up-to-date information on how the university at large is operating.

Global Hub | University of Pittsburgh from University of Pittsburgh on Vimeo.

The Pitt Global Hub is an initiative born out of Embracing the World: A Global Plan for Pitt 2016-2020. The Global Hub functions as a student-centered, university-wide resource, advising, and engagement center that enhances students’ educational experience with an international and global focus.

The Global Hub is open to all students, both domestic and international, who are interested in:

  • Courses, majors, minors and certificates centered on international and/or global topics
  • Funding and scholarship opportunities
  • Study abroad and study away opportunities
  • Service-learning opportunities
  • International internships, research projects, and other global experiences
  • Joining clubs and student groups
  • Learning or practicing another language
  • Finding a welcoming community and networking with peers from other countries and cultures
  • Enhancing their knowledge of another culture through experiential and hands-on learning

Please note that the Global Hub is a public, interactive space. On any given day, students can drop in and out to participate in a conversation table, speak with an advisor, or explore the Engagement Wall. It is meant to be a bustling and vibrant center – therefore, students in search of quiet study space or privacy are encouraged to utilize other areas in the building and on campus.

As the first space of its kind--not only on campus but at other academic institutions nation-wide--the Global Hub is an innovative tool that fosters global citizenship, cultural awareness, and diverse communities.

Engagement Wall

The Engagement Wall is an interactive touch-screen panel where students can explore available opportunities based on their goals and preferences. Students take a brief quiz answering What do you want to do?, What are you interested in?, and Where would you love to explore? and are presented with a curated selection of courses, certificates, scholarships, clubs, and more.

Students can also view a calendar of international- and global-related events happening all around campus, as well as trivia facts about the Nationality Rooms and Pitt’s presence abroad.

Want to try out the quiz right now? Head to our online version and discover new opportunities.

Experience Wall

The Experience Wall is one of the Global Hub’s central features. Students can learn more about other countries while viewing first-hand, high-definition images and videos of these countries. Get ready to travel abroad in the comfort of your Living Room!

Starting in Summer 2022, students will be able to submit their own media to be featured on the Experience Wall.

Other available resources:

One wireless microphone and one lapel microphone are also available for use. HDMI cords and USB-C and MiniDisplay Port (Thunderbolt) adapters are available, but users with a machine that requires another type of adapter are expected to bring it with them.

A wet-bar located in the back of the space contains a small sink, mini-fridge, mobile bar cart, and limited serveware. For events involving food and beverage, hosts are advised to supply their own ice, disposable dishware, utensils, napkins, etc.