FALL 2020/COVID-19 Updates and Procedures*

*All procedures are pending given the university's COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines*

We will have a limited capacity at the Pitt Global Hub in Fall 2020. The space has been rearranged to allow for social distancing measures of six-feet between bodies. Therefore, the maximum capacity in the space at any one time is 10-12 people.

We highly encourage anyone interested in reserving the Pitt Global Hub spaces for their meeting or event with a global/international nature to consider a virtual alternative. In response to the Flex@Pitt model, having virutal meetings and events will provide the greatest accessibility to people who would like to attend but are not comfortable returning to campus.

If you would like to reserve space in the Hub, please be aware that you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No more than 10-12 people at your meeting or event
  • Attendees must maintain a minimum of six-feet of distance between bodies at all times
  • Attendees must wear masks at all times
  • All food/drink is prohibited

Please also note that Hub staff will not be on-site to assist you. This means that you will not be able to access technology and A/V such as the large Experience Wall for presentations, microphones, etc.

Interested in hosting an event in the Global Hub?

Students and faculty are encouraged to reserve space in the Global Hub for their events and programming that focus on international and global topics. We have five bookable spaces that can be reserved individually or in any combination. Click here to find out more.

What types of events/programming can be held in the Global Hub?

In order to maintain the Global Plan’s goals and initiatives, requests for events and programs should be student-centric, have an international or global focus, and fall under one or more of the following criteria:

  • Aim to expand participants’ perspectives through global awareness and/or cultural empathy
  • Inform and/or enhance participants’ knowledge of another geographic region, culture, or language
  • Support participants in their academic pursuits towards earning a global distinction; completing degrees or certificates in international/global areas; and/or participating in international civic engagement, global experiential learning, or other professional development opportunities
  • Foster networking and relationship-building among domestic and international students, faculty, and staff

Additionally, all requested events and programs must be open to the public - private or invite-only events will be denied.

Not sure your event qualifies, or have an idea but need some help with the details? Our Global Hub team is available to answer your questions and make sure your event is a success!

How to Request a Space Reservation

Those interested in reserving a space in the Global Hub for an event or program can submit their request via our online form for approval. Please expect 1-2 business days for a response. Requests must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the actual event date in order to be considered.

The Global Hub team tries our best to accommodate as many requests as possible, but please note that scheduling conflicts may arise, as well as requests that do not meet the necessary criteria. All reservation requests are subject to our standard policies and procedures

If you have any specific questions, we encourage you to check our FAQ first! If you cannot find the answer there, feel free to email